Interested in having a QHHT session?
For anyone interested in having a QHHT session, please drop me an email so that we can arrange a suitable time and place to do so.  The session can be conducted in English or Japanese.
I am based in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan and can be of assistance to those living in the Kanto area.  Please consult me if you are interested, but live somewhere else.  
All sessions need to be done in person, as I will need to monitor and assist you during the whole experience;  
Skype, telephone or video sessions are not possible.
I ask my clients to provide the location to do the QHHT session; it should be somewhere where you can lie down, feel comfortable and relax.  Often my clients use their living room sofa or borrow a hotel room; as long as you can be comfortable and not be disturbed for the duration of the session any place should be fine. 
Before the actual session I will give an overview of the flow, go over the questions the client has prepared and answer any queries there may be so that the client is completely comfortable and relaxed with the whole procedure.  While it should not be necessary if there is any concern I can explain the procedure by phone or Skype and in some cases meet beforehand if needed, though this should not be necessary. This dialogue is beneficial for the actual hypnosis session, as it also allows not only the client but their Sub-Conscious mind to also relax, build trust and rapport which helps in allowing the information to flow.  
If you are knowledgeable about this subject and 'tuned in' to this realm, this talk will be relatively straightforward.
There will be some other information offered before the session but overall, there's really only two things one needs to do:
 1.   Prepare your questions
Before actually doing the regression one needs to clarify and write down the questions that you have.  The most common topics center around personal aspects and areas concerning your body and health.  It can be about your relationships, the meaning of life, holistic and metaphysical inquiries, physical ailments, your pet dog etc., there are no limitations; it is best to be very clear on what you want from the session.  
The exercise of writing these questions down can actually be quite challenging, as you really need to clarify your thoughts. This act is actually already part of the therapy, as it will activate and prepare your sub-conscious accordingly. 
Try to be as clear and accurate as possible with what you ask; more clarity in your questions will give you more clarity with the answers.   
2.  Relax and have an open mind
If it is your first time to have a hypnosis session, relax, with the intent on having an enjoyable experience.   
It is best to have an open mind to things and be willing to accept new experiences and allow yourself to welcome the information presented to you.  

Bruno Metzger                                                                          

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