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Just loving, it's a treasure chest full of interesting programs, movies, documentaries and information that will help you stimulate (or blow) your mind.

From seeking truth, yoga, transformation and spiritual growth, there's a wealth of information that you can find and enjoy on this channel. Having been practising yoga on and off now for almost 20 years, their video classes are a nice companion.

But the seeking truth programs are what I enjoy the most...can it all be true?! Some topics are extraordinary and hard to believe, but fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable to watch nonetheless! I've gotten to know and learn about so many people and topics that I did not know before, and have found new leads and doorways to information that takes my down a new rabbit hole. I've lost count of the areas I've jumped in to and explored; and every week the information just keeps on coming, fantastic!

Recommended for those hungry to learn and soak up information.

Interested? Its a subscription site ($9.95 per month), but well worth it in my humble opinion.

Check out the website at:

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