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QHHT Practitioner

Hi, my name is Bruno and welcome to my website.  I'm a certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner based in Kanagawa Japan.

  Please read on if you would like to know more about this fascinating and beneficial past life regression healing technique. 


"Truely an amazing experience in my life.  Realization that there is layers to my self over centuries of time.  

Would want to have further sessions to continue my discovery of self.  Very therapeutic and enlightening."

Mr. CH

Newport Beach, CA

"I had a wonderful experience with Bruno’s QHHT session. Will never forget how beautiful it is to be in the “light” which inspired me to be the highest version of myself.  It will always remain inside me as a reminder. I highly recommend Bruno’s regression. His calm and soothing energy will guide you comfortably to your journey."

Ms. HA

Kanagawa, Japan

"Bruno is very skilled and reliable.  So I can allow him to work with my higher consciousness and share very private messages. 

His sessions helped me a lot to learn and solve many difficulties passed on from the past.  He is simply wonderful."

Ms. JK

Tokyo, Japan

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) formerly known as advanced past life regressions, put simply is a method of accessing areas of the Subconscious mind, to learn from and obtain information for consciousness healing and exploration.  The process involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization.
The Subconscious mind can also be called the Higher-Self, Higher Consciousness or the Oversoul, the part of you that has been with you through all the past lives that you have had; and it seems most of us have had many, many past lives.  Some say we have had hundreds or thousand of lives before this one, learning and growing as a soul. 
Your Subconscious/Higher-Self has experienced all of these lives; it knows where you've been, what you have experienced and therefore understands the core reasons for all your traits and personalities.  So it knows you really well because it is the greater part of you and as such, it can help you and answer any questions you have about yourself and the life you are living. 
Your Higher Self always cares for you and your body and it is full of love.  The human body was made to heal itself naturally and we are not meant to be sick, be it mentally, physically or emotionally.  If you are unwell or experiencing discomfort, it is usually your Subconscious trying to tell you something.  It is a message.  
Karma can be addressed via Quantum Healing.  In the wheel of karma, we very often tend to act in a repetitive rut, habitually do the same thing and interact with the same characters, the same people from past lives.  There is often a pattern, where we need to work out the karma that was not resolved before and we need to come back again in another lifetime to try to free ourselves and dissolve this chain of repetition; it is all a game, a play we enact. We have got to break free from karma in order to evolve and spiritually grow as a soul. 
With the aid of QHHT we are able to search a little deeper into these meanings; once you discover the reason for your experiences, you have the opportunity to end this chain of karma, and often these symptoms subside or go away.
I see QHHT as a very helpful aid, an opportunity to get a better understanding of one's self, to see the 'bigger picture' of the universal realm and hopefully receive some information that will help you in living this lifetime to the fullest.
The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was created by Dolores Cannon, an extraordinary lady who had refined and mastered this special hypnosis technique from over 45 years of experience.  What makes this method special is that Dolores was able to find a way to go directly to access the Subconscious, what she called the "Source of all Knowledge", a very powerful force that has the answers to all questions.  
Her method of hypnosis was formerly called advanced past life regressions, but when the powerful healing element of this technique became more apparent, she realized that there was much more to it than just past lives and the name did not fully complement what was being achieved.  And so the name was changed to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, because it really is quantum; it is so big and so important, way beyond just a regression in to a past life experience.
Her books describing the many stories and adventures she had from her experiences are fascinating to read. You can find more information about Dolores Canon on her website and Youtube channel.
In understanding this fascinating realm, it would be helpful (but not necessary) to be receptive to the notion of past lives or existences in dimensions other than this earthly world or at least be open to the idea that there may be more to life than what you physically see around you.  If you have by any chance read any of Dolores Cannon's books, then you certainly have been exposed to what you may come across.
Dolores Cannon's Website
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Dolores Cannon's Youtube Channel
QHHT is a healing process that assists in finding answers to questions you may have about yourself and the life you are currently living.  It can communicate with your Higher Self and unlock information about yourself that you may not be able to access otherwise.  Be it relationships, health, well-being, work, personal growth or the meaning of life, any subject can be discussed.  It is an opportunity to look deeper into yourself and find out who you really are.  
One doesn't need to have pending questions or issues to experience QHHT; some people participate to gain personal knowledge as well, to learn and explore different aspects of themselves and the Universe.  
If you are seeking advice on your life, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique can help you gain insights that help you live this life the best way you can.

What's It Like?

Experiencing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is kind of like watching a movie or a dream, and describing what you're seeing and experiencing in your mind's eye to a person next to you!  
With the help of the facilitator, this hypnosis process will guide you to a deep somnambulistic state.  This is the realm of the theta wave; we all travel through the theta wave every day as it's the dozy state we experience just when we consciously wake up and when we go to sleep, so even if you might not be aware of it, we all experience this state all the time.  
During a hypnosis session, you are relaxed and in a deep level of trance, but you are also conscious and able to hear and respond to any questions being asked to you.  Some say it feels just like taking a nap or daydreaming, where you get to see the pictures of your past life.  It is quite an enjoyable adventure as you see, feel and explore areas about yourself you may never have thought existed.  It is a very interesting experience.

What Does It Involve?

The actual QHHT regression usually covers two parts; the first half will usually take you to a past life (or lives) that has relevance to your current life.  The Subconscious will select what past life to show you and they will be guided through it by the QHHT practitioner conducting the session for you.
The second half will offer an opportunity to directly contact your Sub-Conscious/Higher Self.  The Higher Self it is still a part of an individual's consciousness, but much bigger than your normal conscious state.  It is the place that has all the knowledge and information of you and all your previous incarnations, so it knows you really well (because it is you!), and is best capable of answering all your inquiries. 
The duration of a complete session differs from person to person but tends to average from around 4 to 6 hours, so sessions are best to plan for at least half a day's worth of undisturbed time.  It is done in a quiet location where you can lie down, relax and be comfortable.  As the QHHT facilitator, I will be beside you, guiding and asking you questions along the way, accompanying you through the induction stage and then to the somnambulistic state of mind where we can explore and find the information we are looking for.  Once the session has run its course I will gently bring you back up to full conscious and awakened awareness.
It is not recommended to drive, do strenuous physical activities or complex mental tasks immediately after your session.  Even though you may feel fully awake, it takes a little while for your energies to realign themselves.
The session will be recorded so that you can refer back to your experience at a later time.  The experience and images you see can be quite vivid and many clearly remember their adventure well after the session; however like a dream some of the memories fade away and recalling the experience greatly aids in maintaining the clarity of the messages.

Can Anybody Experience It?

Anyone can experience QHHT (though you'll need to be over 18 yrs old or have your parent's permission). Every effort will be made to have a beneficial session however, there are no guarantees that everyone will see past lives or contact their Higher Self.  The majority of people are fine and have no problem with hypnosis, though there are some who have a hard time relaxing, or consciously (or unconsciously) block or protect themselves from getting the information for whatever reason.  
Right brained people (such as artists, creative people etc) have a tendency to do better than the left brained  (who may tend to be analytical or logically minded), as the right brain is where the pictures and images are and this is the area of the mind QHHT accesses, but this is no guideline and there are always exceptions.  On the whole, most people enter the somnambulistic state of hypnosis smoothly and effortlessly; however the results really depends on each person. 


For anyone interested in having a QHHT session, please drop me an email so that we can arrange a suitable time and place to do so.  The session can be conducted in English or Japanese. 
I am based in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan and can be of assistance to those living in the Kanto area.  Please consult me if you are interested, but live somewhere else.  
All sessions need to be done in person, as I will need to monitor and assist you during the whole experience; Zoom, telephone or video sessions are not possible.
I ask my clients to provide the location to do the QHHT session; it should be somewhere where you can lie down, feel comfortable and relax.  Often my clients use their living room sofa or borrow a hotel room; as long as you can be comfortable and not be disturbed for the duration of the session any place should be fine.  If you do not have a location to do the session, we can discuss the venue options we have depending on your location. 
Before the actual session I will give an overview of the flow, go over the questions the client has prepared and answer any queries there may be so that the client is completely comfortable and relaxed with the whole procedure.  While it should not be necessary if there is any concern I can explain the procedure by phone or Skype and in some cases meet beforehand if needed, though this should not be necessary. This dialogue is beneficial for the actual hypnosis session, as it also allows not only the client but their Sub-Conscious mind to also relax, build trust and rapport which helps in allowing the information to flow.  
There will be some other information offered before the session but overall, there's really only two things one needs to do:
1.   Prepare your questions
Before actually doing the regression one needs to clarify and write down the questions that you have.  The most common topics center around personal aspects and areas concerning your body and health.  It can be about your relationships, the meaning of life, holistic and metaphysical inquiries, physical ailments, your pet dog etc., there are no limitations; it is best to be very clear on what you want from the session.   
The exercise of writing these questions down can actually be quite challenging, as you really need to clarify your thoughts. This act is actually already part of the therapy, as it will activate and prepare your sub-conscious accordingly.  
Try to be as clear and accurate as possible with what you ask; more clarity in your questions will give you more clarity with the answers.  
2.  Relax and have an open mind
If it is your first time to have a hypnosis session, relax, with the intent on having an enjoyable experience.    
It is best to have an open mind to things and be willing to accept new experiences and allow yourself to welcome the information presented to you.  
What people are saying

"Having a past life regression with Bruno I felt completely comfortable.  He alleviated any fears I had and explained in great detail what to expect throughout the process.  

As I went under a deep meditative state, he walked me through a series of exercises to help me retrieve memories from my past life.  I learned a lot about my past life and that I am now using this information to better myself and the people around me.  

Bruno took the time to talk about the experiences that I had experienced and allowed me to reflect on what some of the meanings were.  

He is very detailed with his notes and reiterates the information to help you learn from your past."

Ms. JM

Pasadena, CA

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