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Luscious Palm Leaves


The cost for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session is ¥20,000 yen.


This fee is all inclusive, namely:


  • My travel costs to the session location*

  • Pre-induction counseling/discussion prior to the actual session

  • Actual QHHT session

  • Post session de-brief / discussion, sharing the notes and information gained from the session

  • Audio recording of QHHT session**


*   Please feel free to consult me if you live outside the greater Tokyo/Yokohama area.

** I will be using an IC recorder for the session that has a USB port.  If you have a computer on hand I can pass over the recording after we are finished with the session; if not I can mail a CD or digital copy later. If you have your own recording device we can use that also.


The whole QHHT session will last approximately 5 hours.  There will be no additional fees for any session lasting longer.


I would appreciate it if payments be made in cash on the day of the session.  Bank transfers are also possible.

"Bruno is very skilled and reliable.  So I can allow him to work with my higher consciousness and share very private messages. 

His sessions helped me a lot to learn and solve many difficulties passed on from the past.  He is simply wonderful."

Tokyo Japan
Luscious Palm Leaves

Tel: 090-3591-7632


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