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Based in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan, Bruno is a certified past life regressionist practicing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) of consciousness healing and exploration as taught by Dolores Cannon (


A brand marketing executive by profession, he had always been inquisitive regarding the expanded awareness of humanity, feeling there should be more to life than what he was experiencing, a feeling that eventually made him question the cozy yet mundane life he was living.  He couldn't put his finger on it, but something was missing, and he needed to find it out.  Thus began his adventures and explorations in to various directions in his quest for an awakened consciousness and deeper understanding of life. 


As well as QHHT, Bruno has studied Shiatsu at the Namikoshi College of Shiatsu in Tokyo (established by Tokujiro Namikoshi, the founder of Shiatsu therapy), Hemisync at the Monroe Institute not to mention numerous other personal accounts with various channelers, gurus and ventures off the beaten path. 


A shamanic teacher once told him he was a grid keeper with the task of balancing the energies across the earth, which explained his fondness for traveling; it also triggered his appetite in visiting various power spots around the world, relishing and absorbing the energies of different lands.  

Bruno was the first QHHT practitioner registered in Japan.


What people are saying

"I had my very first past life regression under the guidance of Bruno, and it was an amazing, eye-opening experience.  Although I was initially a little skeptical as to whether I could see anything, I eventually was able to uncover answers to questions that affected me deeply in my current life.  

Bruno—with his gentle soul and calm, soothing voice—guided me throughout the whole session with much care, patience and understanding. He made me feel completely safe and comfortable during his session which enabled me to see so many things I never even imagined possible.  

I most definitely recommend him 10/10!  Thank you, Bruno!"


Tokyo Japan

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