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Ascension Blues 2020

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Well what a year 2020 is turning out to be. A global pandemic, protests, riots, violence, censorship and political unrest...who would have imagined the whole world be turned upside-down and shaken all about, as if we are experiencing some sort of end of the world Armageddon scenario out of a cheap twisted B movie.

Manako Neko wearing a mask
face masks, our new normal :(

To the unaware, I would think this scenario would be one of despair, a world gone absolute mad where peace, love and compassion seems to have all but vanished. We're stuck at home, kept away from other people and having to obey the rules of the new normal. Earth has become a sad and hopeless place.

There's more than what meets the eye though. For if you observe our world from a holistic perspective, you'll know by now that there's something else, something rather grandiose occurring around us.

From this holistic point of view you can see that we, as inhabitants of this world are now currently going through a very special moment in our evolution. Dolores Cannon called it the New Earth, others call it ascension, the great awakening or the shift in consciousness. It seems that Gaia and its inhabitants is moving from the current third dimension realm in to the forth and then onwards to the fifth dimension. We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our history where we are moving from one dimension to another, still being inside our physical bodies. This shift in dimensions was previously only experienced via the death and birth process, where we needed to depart from our physical bodies to make that shift. Not this time. This time we get to keep our bodies and we're very conscious and aware of it all.

It is said that we are heading in to the age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of mankind. The fifth dimension, while still a physical realm is void of most of the trappings of our current existence; the negative energy frequency we see here does not seem exist and we won't be in survival mode anymore. It is an existence based on love, compassion, abundance and service to others; i.e., normal, peaceful and wonderful. A beautiful and positive outcome awaits us on the other side...but this shift, this journey in to the new dimension isn't going to be a walk in a park; it seems the journey there is going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.

And this bumpy ride is what we are experiencing around us in the world today. It looks chaotic, but it's in fact a necessary adjustment that has to take place for us to continue on this path. We're currently experiencing some turbulence, a bit like an airplane flying through some heavy weather. Nobody has ever experienced this unprecedented moment in time so nobody knows what to expect; we don't know why these things are happening nor do we know what the outcome will be, so it's understandable that there's so much apprehension and anxiety around us at this time.

Yuigahama afternoon, Kamakura

Thankfully though we are not alone; we have much help to guide us on our way.

When talking about the New Earth, Dolores Cannon would say that in order to be eligible to go, we must first get rid of our karma. Karma is negative baggage that we need to get rid of in order to evolve and we can't take it with us, as its low vibration energy just doesn't match the higher dimensions; it's like trying to stick a square block in to a round hole she would say.

We must also be loving and kind, and be at least 51% service to others to have the necessary attitude and frequency to be eligible; a person focused on service to self will not make it, not this time round anyway. Be a good person, address your karma and be of service to others, then you'll be alright.

Bashar recently gave us a message that communicated something very similar. In late 2019 Darryl Anka channeled a message from Bashar he called the eye of the storm, where he predicted that we'll be in for a hell of a ride in the up coming year...and he was certainly right! At that time he said that the best approach would be to remain calm, remain in your own world and not to be swayed by the news unfolding around you. Just as if you are in the eye of a hurricane you can remain in a bubble of calmness and cocoon yourself, and allow yourself to get in touch with your core being.

As 2020 came and things really became crazy, he gave us an update message around May with some more information and advice on how we should approach this situation. Bashar can see the grand scheme of our evolution and assured us that this crazy time will soon pass, and that there is greatness waiting for us on the other end. But until then we need to pass through this time of compression, a time that he now called the eye of the needle. Just like passing a thread through a needle, things are going to narrow down, condense and intensify before we get relief on the other side. His words were so wise and relevant, I'd like to take this opportunity to share this special message.

Bashar said that we need to let go of what we don't need, basically let go of your fear based belief system, and to use this time of compression to get in touch with our inner self, our inner core. We need to do this now.

Here are his 5 steps of passing through the eye of the needle in freedom and in joy:

  1. Forgive all who have transgressed before you, no more resistance, no more hanging on, no more of the ideas that someone will change you or fix you. No more waiting for apologies for what others have done. Forgive them, and be free. No more waiting for anyone else to give you permission to move forward; forgive all.

  2. Forgive yourself- let go, don't judge yourself for what you've done. Let go of anger, regret, sorrow; you do not need them anymore. Don't judge yourself for what you've done, its brought you to this point. Forgive yourself freely, completely. You must move on from this state, it is imperative you move on in order to allow passage through the eye of the needle.

  3. Don't inform yourself from the past self. Don't wallow in the ideas of past self, past events, or how the past self would have reacted to things for that's no longer you- let go of the negative reactions, the negative behaviors of your past. Don't inform the future from your past behaviors, thoughts, emotions or experiences. Learn from the past and learn from the knowledge and understanding you have gained from it, but just be an observer, don't be it, don't be a participant of the past. Only observe so that you won't repeat past thoughts, emotions, experiences etc. Let go of that personality; it is no longer you.

  4. Inform yourself of the future your, heed the call, move forward in a way that your future you would. Imagine, visualize that future version of you. Behave, feel, think as that future self. You all have future selfs in our linear space time realities. Anchor yourself in to the future, and that it is pulling you towards it through the eye of the needle. Heed it, listen to it- the higher mind calls you through passion. Follow the formula, for that is what the future self does, everyday and every moment it can; there is no other breath that it takes, there is no other action that it takes, other than that which is aligned on following up on your passion to the best you can with no insistence or no assumptions of the outcome, and remaining in in a positive state so that you can receive the benefit of whatever manifests. Even if you don't like it know that it's there for a reason, allow it to show you how it serves you. It's not there by accident, its's there for a reason, it serves you. The future self is calling you from the other side of the eye of the needle. Let it pull you through easily, swiftly, effortlessly. Anchor yourself to the future self, inform your self from the future you, and not from the past any longer. Focus on actions on your passion to the best way you can with no insistence or no assumption of the outcome.

  5. Forgive yourself and others and inform yourself from the future you, so that you can allow yourself to be fully in the present as you pass through the eye of the needle and beyond, and in this present time you will be more and more effortlessly in an accelerated way to the true you, the core of your being, with all of the fear based beliefs stripped away, streamlining you leaving your core essence, your indestructible core, the present self, the now self, experiencing space time more malleable, more fluid, bonding in harmony with your higher mind and spirit and acting upon the earth in that manner. It is paramount that you maintain contact with higher consciousness energies like Bashar, Source or your Higher Self as you go through the eye of the needle. Breath in the Now. Be here in the Now with us (Bashar).

There was one final message: "They who dwell in fear and darkness, you flow to them your unconditional love and forgiveness so as to awaken their inner light and allow them to truly serve all beings upon the earth. Forgive and move on. Forgive and let go. Forgive and be free."

His parting words were "Be kind to others and ourselves. Awaken to the inner light in your beings. Be in love, be in light; sweet dreams."

So yeah, what more can I say? A pretty powerful message I thought, and hopefully one that will help all of us awaken and understand the pathway of this journey. We can now see 'the big picture', embrace it in a positive light and safely make it to the other side of this needle. I'll see you over there :)

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