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Don't be swayed- the plan is unfolding

I witnessed a rather powerful regression recently, in which one of the questions addressed to the client's Higher Self pertained to the current political situation in the U.S. The turmoil surrounding this subject seems to be effecting the energy of the whole world.

Here's an exert from that session; it's quite informative and encouraging.

It is a good reminder for us to stay focused, stay strong and remain positive during these challenging times:

(Q. Questions from the practitioner; HS. Answers from the client's Sub-consciousness/Higher Self)

Date of session: Sunday January 25th, 2021 (QHHT Session in Tokyo, Japan)

Q. Regarding the political situation in the United States..

HS. The political situation in America at this current time is testing the patience of humanity. You need to have patience.

Q. I think we’re all tired of this situation

HS. Yes, we’re fed up with it all but you need to have patience, the plan is moving ahead so there”s no need to worry.

Q. In the media for the past several year’s Trump has been portrayed as a stupid person and Biden as a good person, how do you see it from your perspective?

HS. Humanity is being deceived. The information that is being shown in mass media is being controlled.

It is about time humanity is told the truth, and truth shown to all the people. This plan is moving ahead.

Q. When will this take place? Will it be soon, or in the near future?

HS. No, it will be soon. Preparation for this is now taking place behind the scenes; and we (the client's Higher Self) are working towards this as well

Q. When the people are exposed to this information, what will happen to this world?

HS. We predict the world will be in shock for a period of time, as the belief systems everyone has had until now will collapse.

However that is something that is needed in this world. Humanity will need to ask itself if what they have been doing up until now has been the right or correct thing. They need to ask themselves if they really should continue living like they did. It is a temporary destruction of the current system so that humanity will be able to reflect on this matter.

We were working to make this collapse as soft and gentle an event as possible; however it isn’t going quite as we had planned. People everywhere are beginning to wake up and as a result our plans keep changing.

And if Trump had won (the elections) immediately, in a straight way, the process of awakening would have been relatively simple. But in order to save more souls on earth the plan keeps changing. It is known that Trump has won.

From our perspective, we feel that the energy of Biden is very very frightening; on the other hand we feel confidence from the energy of Trump. However the plan is always changing, and so humanity should not be swayed by who won or what is going on with this situation.

Humanity should focus on a much higher objective and focus towards that; this should be the priority, not what the current political situation is. You should not focus on that. If humanity can focus on a new earth, we will manifest it for them.

Do not be swayed; now is the time to challenge this situation

Q. So we shouldn’t be focusing on this (political situation)?

HS. There is no need to focus on something that you do not need. Focus on manifesting the world that we want, a happy world, a world full of love and happiness. Just focus on this, that's all we need to do.

Focus on the role each of you has set out to experience every day here on earth, that's all you need to do; that’s very important.

What happens around you has nothing to do with you…it does, but it's not something you need to focus upon. If you do so (focusing on whats going on around you), it will stick and remain in everyone’s consciousness.

We should really think what comes first, what the priority is and what is of lesser importance. The first thing we need to do is focus upon our consciousness; world politics will follow later; do not forget that.

Do not be swayed, do not be divided on who you think is bad, or what others say or do. Be cautious of what people say; do not be swayed.

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