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I Feel the POWER (spots)

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

There are power spots around the world. What are they?

A few years back during a journey to Mount Shasta, I was told by a shamanic guide that I was a grid keeper sent here to earth to balance the energies of the land. I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued with this comment, for while it was the first time I hear the term grid keeper I also saw it as a confirmation for all the travelling I'd always loved to do, sometimes often sporadically to places I felt compelled to visit. I've been doing this for years; be it domestically or internationally; by foot, train, plane, automobile or motorcycle, I seem to travel in order to receive the energy of the land as well as offer my own energy to help balance these locations, or so I was told. Unconsciously then but consciously now, I am the keeper of the earth's grid. They are also commonly known as ley lines or power spots, and if you've ever visited any one of thousands of these locations across the world you'll probably know (or have felt) the energy they offer. Ley lines are the flow lines of the earth's electromagnetic currents and often flows along the natural paths of whats underneath the soil, such as quartz crystals, minerals or water streams. The ancient people knew of these powers, and many churches and cathedrals are built along these lines.

One of my favourite spots has to be spiralling energy vortexes in Sedona, Arizona, that has 4 main vortexes where you can physically feel the gentle tingling currents of electricity, with each location having its own unique tingling properties. My favourite was the airport vortex with its upward spiralling energy, that has beautiful views of the surrounding red rocks.

I wasn't able to physically feel any vortex-like energy at Mount Shasta in California, but here the power of the majestic mountain and its surrounding land felt to me as being a large safe haven for peace and tranquility. It is rumoured that an underground city called Telos is located there, and I swear when I was up in the mountains I could hear the faint humming sound of activity beneath the surface. I had a couple of meditation sessions with my tour guide while I was up there, and was able to connect with the people of Telos and explore their underground world.

Glastonbury in England is another power spot that has strong energy. As mentioned in a previous blog, this is an ancient land that is full of history and myths. Within the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, there is an energy vortex, much like the ones at Sedona that you can clearly feel as you stroll within the abbey grounds.

Another powerful location is Mount Fuji in Japan I couldn't physically feel energy vortexes there, but it does have a deep soothing energy, much like Mt. Shasta. For myself the energy felt strongest at the foot of the mountain rather than when you climb it (drive up it in my case to be more precise).

There are hundreds of power spots around the world, far too many for me to mention, but these are places I've been to and would recommend you visit if you think you're a grid keeper too!

I hope to continue my travels to other power spots and share my discoveries with you in the future.

If you're interested in sacred sites and the energies of the earth, the book Earth Keeper: The Energy & Geometry of Sacred Sites by Tyberonn is a fascinating read.

Mount Shasta, CA

Enoshima Island and Mount Fuji

The Big Buddha, Kamakura Japan

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