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My A-list of most helpful books

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Along my journey of self-discovery there have been countless books I've come across and read, hungry to learn and understand. The topics were broad and diverse, covering pretty much anything I came upon and was curious about; channeling, spirituality, past lives, power spots, ley lines, extraterrestrial life, crystals, archeology, ancient history, the list goes on.

Many books have been recommended to me, while some I came upon quite by chance (as if there is such thing), like browsing in a book store and being mysteriously drawn to a certain publication the was crying out to be noticed and picked up. Books are interesting in that way.

All the books I came across were beneficial in some shape or form, but there were a few that were especially relevant and helpful, offering information that struck a cord and really helped shape my current beliefs and understanding of the big picture of life. They were indispensable in setting the foundation of living a better life and for understanding our convoluted world and how we should be navigating it.

Here's my shortlist of publications I always recommend to people who might be on a similar journey to me; there are so many great books, but the ones below are especially dear to my heart and ones that I feel and hope could help others benefit from also. Click on the links in the book titles if you want to know more.

In order of reading/discovery:

This was the first book that pretty much triggered my interest into the esoteric realms. Shirley Maclaine's own quest for self-discovery fascinated me and really made me think about the big picture of life. Her fame and popularity gave me the endorsement to trust and have an open mind with what she was saying.

I think I was in my late 20's when I first came across this book, still caught up in the materialistic world and caught up in wanting to be accepted and trying to perfect myself and my role in society (which didn't really feel right or make much sense), this book challenged my beliefs and triggered my inquisitive mind; thank you Shirley! An easy reading novel that's great for people just starting up or curious about self-discovery.

Transforming and inspiring, this book introduced me to the world of channeling and the existence of a higher consciousness. Packed with so much knowledge and wisdom, I don't think anyone will be the same once they finish this book. Everything that was told just felt so right and so true, I remember feeling so excited and thrilled after reading it, happy to have made the discovery.

Recommended if you're still fairly new to the concept of higher consciousness, as it is easy to read and understand. This book opened my eyes to the fact that there's a whole different world out there that I wasn't even aware of; very aspirational.

Don Miguel Ruiz is a shamanic healer and teacher of American Indian decent, and shares the wisdom he had learnt from his Toltec peers. If you follow the 4 simple 'agreements' or codes, you are almost guaranteed to bring positivity and balance in your life.

What are they? Simple: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. And always do your best. So simple, yet so effective.

At times when I feel unbalanced or out of sync, very often it's because I'm disobeying one of these agreements. This book is essential reading in my view...I must have bought about a dozen copies of this book which I've shared with friends.

'That which is like, unto itself is drawn'

This book really helps in bringing out our natural well being by explaining this universal law of the Universe. Its quite easy to read, and very practical too. In fact its so simple, its actually a bit hard to really fathom and master correctly; I'm still working on this one to be honest.

Esher Hicks has other books in this series and lots of Youtube videos as well, worth looking in to if you're interested in exploring some practical examples of how the law works and how to tune in and maintain your frequency within it.

This book is so wise and beneficial! It did however take me a long to finish it, as each sentence, each paragraph was so deep and rich in meaning that I needed time to stop and fully absorb the information that was being given before I could continue reading. It challenges your mind and your identity, areas that most people don't even think about, and because its so obvious and fundamental to us, it was also somewhat un-nerving to even focus and identify this overlooked area of self.

A challenging read, but well worth it.

The book that started my journey in to past life regressions and QHHT! I think I finished this fairly large book in a matter of a few days, happily having my mind twisted and turned upside down as Dolores took me on a mind boggling journey of unimaginable worlds, realms and dimensions. Great stuff; very hard to put down, and there were 4 more volumes of the same Convoluted Universe goodness awaiting me afterwards.

I actually attended Dolores Cannon's past life regression seminar in the hope of hearing more of her stories and adventures with extra-terrestrials and the fascinating truth about our universe, but I ended up learning QHHT and becoming a practitioner instead(!).

Together with the Convoluted Universe series, I would recommend any of Dolores Cannon's books, but this one for me was especially interesting as it explores the origins of our earth as seen from her subject Phil, whose journeys' from past life regressions were documented over a period of time by Dolores, giving us a compelling and probably quite accurate history of the true origin of humans here on planet earth.

Our recent history, what we've all learnt from our forefathers and our school education does not paint an accurate picture of our past (no surprise there)...we didn't evolve from the apes, we were seeded here...our world is not what it seems to be.

Very inspiring material, and a challenging book to casually read and absorb. The information contained here seems to be some of the most truthful and accurate dialogues with an extra terrestrial being that has been recorded. Contact was made with an entity who calls himself Ra, an ancient astronaut that had come to earth eons ago; the Ra material (I think there are 5 books in total) is a transcript of the communication that the authors had with this entity over several years. Fascinating.

A deep dive in to the esoteric and quite difficult to fully comprehend, but it is arguably one of the most influential spiritual books out there.

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