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How it began

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Well, I finally decided to create my own website to spread the word on past life regressions, now officially known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

When I first studied under Dolores Cannon, its was still called past life regressions, but many had rightly pointed out that these fascinating sessions did more than just take someone to a past life. Over her 45 years of practising this method, Dolores was able to do things that I as a humble scholar still have a long way to go to replicate. She was able to guide people to not only past lives here on earth, but to other worlds, other planets and other dimensions. She was also able to cure physical ailments and often said that as long as a client had not had an operation to mend or remove anything, the Subconscious had the power to heal anything; amazing.

You might not even have been a human being in past lives; in many sessions I have guided people who had been elements, such as air, earth or rock; folks who lived lives as animals such as pelicans, fish and frogs, or had been a humanoid, but not human beings as we know them on earth. My clients have lead me to experience beautiful unknown planets, with crystal towers and orange skies, or have travelled without a physical body form, floating in space and thoroughly enjoying being in the Light and free of the dense human experience we have on planet earth. They all enjoyed reliving these wonderful experiences.

It really makes me wonder what else is out there that we do not know or understand, because even from my relatively humble wisdom I have experienced things that our normal earth bound society could only imagine as being just a fantasy world. Fantasy it is not; it seems to me that all of it is true, as, while each of my client's have totally different lives and karma's, the flow of the sessions, the sights they see, the emotions they experience (and you can't fake emotions!), are all very similar indeed.

Since I first started practising, there has been a gradual shift in what people seem to experience. Before, it was very much past human lives lived out on Gaia, dear old planet earth. But more often these days people tend to go to different planets and different dimensions, and are more inclined to search for the Light, the place where we all originally came from. Out of our dense physical bodies, they seem to be in a state of bliss, happy to be free and floating amongst the stars. Clients who get to experience this are really lucky indeed!

So I hope as time continues to fly by, more and more people will take advantage of this amazing therapy, to get a glimpse of the bigger universe that we live in, open to the notion that we are not what we seem to be, for we are actually spirits having a physical experience on earth. If one can intelectually accept this that would be fine, but if you could actually take a step forward and actually glimpse and experience that in this life, well think of how greatly our minds would expand! Take it all in folks, there's more to life than what meets the eye.

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