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If you follow the instructions the machine will work as advertised!

Bashar’s 5 step instruction manual on how reality works

When listening to a Darryl Anka session with Bashar recently, he talked about how our reality really works, and how, if we follow five basic guidelines, we can properly understand and prosper in this 3D world, which certainly sounded exciting to me.

Ideally I should buy his books or attend a session with him in person to fully absorb and understand what he's teaching us, but as a mental memo to myself I quickly jotted down the highlights so as not to forget. Do try and hear/read these points directly with any of the Bashar information for best results!

Bashar advised us to follow these 5 steps to excitement; if you follow the instructions the machine (our reality), will work as advertised!

  1. Act on your passion,

  2. To do it as fully as you can for as long as you can until you can do it no further.

  3. To act on it with zero assumption on how that outcome will look like or be or how you are going to get there*

  4. Stay in a positive state no matter what happens because you will get a benefit out of it

  5. Find out what your belief system is and find out why you believe what you believe, because we often do things out of habit

*We need to drop any insistence about the outcome of acting on our passion because with our limited mind, in most cases our mind isn’t capable of determining the best possible outcome.

By applying these steps, then we can get an insight, gain control over your lives on what we are doing.

By doing these steps, synchronicities happen, as it’s the path of least resistance; it connects us to other expressions of excitement, it becomes the engine of our lives giving us the energy to move forward. It will reflect what’s out of alignment so that we can examine it and let it go.

And it will connect us with support systems as we go along- these things happen automatically when you follow the 5 steps, it’s really magical. This is how reality works, this is how we create our reality!

If we do this, then things will open up, we will see how everything is connected and how we can take advantage of it. Bashar said that it’s really quite astonishing!

He did say that it may all sound challenging, but that’s only because we are engrained in outdated definitions (of how we view our reality). Bashar said there are no such things as difficult situations, only our outdated definitions make it so. We have to create new definitions.

If we can see this mechanism that creates the experiences it frees us to see things in a different way ;)

He finished of by saying that "Passion is the true you, so be true to yourself!"

Because the sensations we refer to as passion, excitement, love, creativity and inner peace are our physical body’s “transition” of the frequency of our core “signature vibration.” In other words, our true, essential being.


Some homework for me to do; but these words are a great guideline that helps me understand reality better and point me in the right direction. The knowledge and appreciation that there is help like this to steer us through life puts me in a positive mood too; so I think its working already!

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