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It's up to me (and you)

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

While waiting in line at a coffee shop one day I happened to glance at their notice board, plastered with fun snap shots, shop cards and the like, quite colorful and entertaining and quite befitting the quaint casual atmosphere of the cafe.

My eyes then rested on a piece of paper that said 'BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD'. The lettering looked unfinished, maybe thats why I was drawn to it, but the words stuck in me, and at that moment I fell in to a dreamy trance as the words began to melt in to me.

While I've heard these words before it hadn't really resonated in me, but on that day in the coffee shop, it stuck out like a thaw thumb and almost instantaneously I began to feel the depth and loving significance of these words as it resonated in my soul with its wisdom.

The message was clear and it's impact was decisive, and now everlasting for me- I knew that this is how I will approach the way I will live my life.

This sentence is what we all need to do in our world today. We all should act in the way we would want our world to be, for we can change the world for the better. And it starts from the individual.

This is a key to a better and brighter future I thought, for if we all followed our hearts and acted in the way we'd like our world to be it could change our lives for the better, and the change could happen almost immediately.

Every one of us on our planet is in search for love, joy and happiness in our lives, and despite different paths and different definitions of this goal, we're all trying to go in the same direction. Somewhere down the line we unfortunately seem to get caught up in the trappings of our 3 dimensional world where, despite the universal goal of love, we begin to wander off our path a bit, maybe to gain security via wealth or happiness from trying to receive love from others or from things. We forget that its up to ourselves to live the life we want, we forget the Law of Attraction. I must admit, I am one of those people.

I was placing too much emphasis on the external physical aspects of life. Maybe it wasn't a conscious thought, but I was believing that having financial security was the prerequisite of a peaceful mind, that a loving partner and friends resulted in the emotional security that would balance out my life. I was wrong ;)

I'm so grateful for that moment in the cafe; it was a kind little slap in the face to remind me to stop looking outward and instead start looking within myself, to realign me to look at my heart to find what will really make me happy and to act on it, because that is where the answer is. And that is to be myself and not the me I thought the world wanted to see. It was up to me to be happy, I control the outcome, not my bank account or the number of friends I had. It's up to me. I had forgotten that.

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