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Nazca Mummies

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The discovery of the Nazca mummies in Peru was a spectacular global event that forever changed the course of human history with its exciting, almost undeniable proof that there is indeed extraterrestrial life. Well, that's what should have happened...

Some time in late 2016 archeologists were informed of an amazing discovery in the mountains of Nazca in Peru, where the mummified bodies of several humanoid type beings were found. Researchers and scientists from Russia, Peru and the United States have confirmed that the three mummies were indeed real mummified bodies of humanoid beings with bone structure, internal organs and outer skin all in tact, and almost the same DNA structure as Homo sapiens. All the while this news seems to have gone unnoticed by mainstream media.

This in itself may be nothing new, however the amazing part of the discovery was that all the mummies had just three digits for their hands and feet!

Personally I would have thought this amazing news would be the talk of the world, bringing us all together in the exciting prospect of finally finding real evidence of another spieces of humanoid that may well have come from another planet. But alas it hasn't, and only those who have been following some alternertative media sources may know of this event.

I'm saddened to conclude there could be some sort of a cover up of information going on, and that there are plenty of people still in this world today who can not or will not emprace this sort of information. I'm sure there'll be the doubters and nay-sayers out there to denouce such a find, and in this day of false news I could understand that sort of reaction. But intuitively, in my heart, I feel that this is not a hoax.

What are your thoughts? If only they'll air this news on prime time that would be interesting.

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